My projects

September 2019-today
Ux/UI designer-Product designer

My projects

September 2019-today
Ux/UI designer-Product designer

Valentino SalesApp

I have designed a couple of features for this app while I was working with the team

Valentino MyVExperience

It was a catalogue designed during the Corona pandemic to help people experience shopping in a more immersive way

Pregnancy App

This project was designed as part of a job interview task and I liked the outcome so much that I kept it in my portfolio with some changes so that the copyrights will be intact.
The project itself is a very unmature app at the moment and all of the features being added are my ideas.

The VC Whisperer

Deciphering the Crypto Markets

The VC Whisperer is a cryptocurrency news aggregation platform that offers thoughtful insights into the trends and developments shaping the Blockchain and Traditional Finance (TradFi) VC landscapes. The platform aims to provide the crypto community with the latest and most relevant information on the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.


360° cricket platform.
From session planning to player development. Ludimos provides you with coaching & analytical tools to develop your players.

Landing page designs

All the landing pages I designed to uplift, relaunch or rebrand the client profiles


This project was about copyrighting songs for artists weather it has been played in venues or in a party. Through this app the artists could track how much and in which cities their songs has been played

Very Mobile

Very mobile is a sub product of Wind mobile and my role was UI designer for the community page on the website and UI design of some parts of the app